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Caviness Beef Packers: “Feed the World” BTS Writeup

January 9, 2020

In West Texas, one thing can be certain. Cattle is King. It drives the economy, it provides jobs to so many around this area, but most importantly; our little corner of the world is responsible for countless meals.

Quite frankly, if you’ve eaten a steak, hamburger, had some cheese, drank a glass of milk, sat on leather seats in your car… odds are that the Panhandle of Texas had something to do with it. 

Enter our friends at Caviness Beef Packers. Last February, CBP approached us with news of a lofty goal; to roughly double their workforce over the next year and change.

The logistics, while a feat to execute, were simple enough for us to understand. We need to bring in tons of workers to enter a second shift. We need them to understand that Caviness Beef is an amazing place to work, and need to convince them that outside of obvious points of “this is a good job with good pay,” CBP is a company that cares deeply about its employees.

One more clear piece of the puzzle needed to be added, however. What’s the banner flag we wave to consolidate our messaging? What’s the mission that future and current employees can get behind?

“Feeding the Word.” was that piece.

There’s a firm mission across the agricultural industry as a whole to meet the needs of an ever growing world population. The fact of the matter is, by 2050, the human population of our planet will be 9.8 billion. In order to serve that demand, Caviness has always had a consistent mission to efficiently and sustainably process beef products to feed – the – world.

That mindset informed every step of our process on the production side of this project.

We needed to show scale. We needed to show scope. We needed to show the family environment. We needed showcase the true diversity in the Caviness workforce. We needed to ensure potential employees that working at Caviness didn’t just ensure that their families were fed, but that they were a part of a mission to feed families all over the world.

We worked with local Amarillo (and Texas Panhandle) advocate Jason Boyett to help create interview questions that would guide this story. His unique perspective and overall view of this region really helped to tap into authentic answers from the Caviness team.

Our strategy in interviewing subjects was simple. We wanted to interview as many members of this company from the top down. From the owners, to the workers on the floor, we were able to cover a wide range of perspectives when it comes to the CBP operation.

It was also important to bring in experts in economic development. Any time an approximate increase of 600 jobs comes to an area, waves will be made. We wanted to thoroughly communicate that what Caviness is doing with recruiting is no small feat.

Our crew on this job was one of the best we’ve been fortunate to put together. All of us focused in on telling a story that showcased the mission Caviness has when it comes to their customer base, but also the mission they have to ensure that every employee is treated with the utmost respect.

It was important to convey this sense of “it’s time to go to work” on this project. The video need to move quickly, and we had only 1 day to gather b-roll. We used two cameras to capture various operations across the Caviness complex. Director of Photography, JP Summers was instrumental in game planning best practices with regard to capturing all footage important to executing Director Wilson Lemieux’s vision. His team of Blake Cartrite on B-cam, Jake Colletta on Steady Cam and Kyler Kuykendall as 1st assistant camera were flawless in making sure no stone was left unturned.

Our Grip and Electric team was top notch. Led by Richard Porter, we were able to accomplish so much more from a logistics standpoint because of his willingness to “do the hard thing.” Getting a Fisher 10 and 18 feet of track through a continuously operating processing pant isn’t an easy task. He and David Hammer were truly the hands and feet of this project on the capturing end.

The interviews were lit by Mike Calcote, one of the best filmmakers in our area. It truly helped to place the viewer into the thick of the conversation. The challenges with capturing audio in a busy facility won’t go without mention, either. Tanyon Allison did a great job of getting us clear takes to put into the edit.

Bella Barnett was also key in making sure all of our surrounding environments looked up to snuff.

Assistant Director and Editor Matthew Rojas was instrumental in keeping the show moving. His laser focus and ability to pivot on the shoot days was vital to the success of this project. His edit helped to take the project to a completely different level.

The stills were captured by Gunnar Widowski. His ability to tell stories in a single image was also important to this campaign. Outside of the single video, we provided Caviness with photos across their entire facility. Those photos can be seen across their marketing presence as well as the main production.

Special thanks to Bradford Nyght for creating the custom score. The track was intended to compound the feeling of “mission” and “vision” across this project. His keen ear also helped to create a sense of urgency throughout the film.

Editing and post was spearheaded by Matthew Rojas. Bringing Brad in to do audio mix and master along with music as well as John Carrington for color is an important reason this video looks and feels the way it does.

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Year 4

July 29, 2019

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ThinkUp! BTS Write Up

July 12, 2019


There are some projects that come around that are just different than others. There’s just
something about them. Something special you can see and believe in when it comes to the
client, to their product or offering, to their mission or vision. ThinkUp! was one of those projects.

When Jennifer, VP of Marketing & Brand Strategy at Mentoring Minds, approached us with this project, the challenge was clear. Communicate what ThinkUp! provides, make it engaging, and also 

– “It’s gotta be badass.”

“This was an ambitious project for Mentoring Minds. We’d worked with LC in the past, but never on something of this scale. But this project—how to show critical thinking in action—had been on my mind for a while. When I called Wilson to talk to him about it, I knew right away that he could take my vision and transform it into something real and tangible. [The Lemieux Company] team worked with us from start to finish.” 

– Jennifer Hoitsma, VP of Marketing & Brand Strategy.

“Yes ma’am!” we said with hearts full and brains buzzing. We were off to the races. 

We were given a month from that first meeting to completely create the concept, clearly communicate it, get it approved, lay the groundwork in pre-production, book the talent, find the location, build the sets and get this sucker shot. So let’s start at the beginning. 

Mentoring Minds is a national K-12 publisher. They’re leaders in their industry, true trendsetters and at their very core—champions of a market that truly serves students and teachers in schools across the United States. ThinkUp! is a curriculum that helps students build critical thinking skills and connect math, science, and English Language Arts to the real world. It also unpacks and explains all the standards and gives teachers access to proven instructional strategies for planning content-driven lessons, differentiating instruction, and creating thinking-centered classrooms.

Most importantly and simply put, ThinkUp! is a product that empowers the kids to be the heroes of their own stories and positions teachers as the guides to unlock their students’ full potential. 

So how do we tap into that? So often we’ve found that all the information you need is right in front of you. 

What was so impressive about [the LC team] was how they took a great concept and made it even better through each step. We were so pleased with how LC understood our story and brought it to life in both a meaningful and creative way. We also experienced how their attention to detail in both the big and little things provided the depth and authenticity we needed in this project.

—Christopher Perry, Creative Director

Mentoring Minds’ tagline is “Critical Thinking for Life!” Core to Mentoring Minds and the ThinkUp! product line are the 9 Traits of Critical Thinking. By incorporating these research- based nine traits – adapt, examine, create, communicate, collaborate, reflect, strive, link and inquire – into the classroom, educators can guide students towards more successful thinking and learning outcomes.

We knew the students were ultimately the heroes of this story and we knew that the teachers needed to be the guide. So, the idea that was ultimately pitched and accepted was to create a world  featuring two students and a teacher. Using the nine 9 separate traits of critical thinking, these three main characters could change an everyday classroom into a fantasy world that fosters sound education.

Exploring the worlds of Science, Math, and English Language Arts led us down the path of a science lab and black holes, a library turning into a jungle, featuring all manner of dinosaurs, and finally, a math class with a recreation of the Empire State building. As film nerds we also wanted to loosely tie these scenes to movies we love and grew up loving.

The space scene was inspired by Interstellar, the jungle/dinosaur scene was influenced by Jurassic Park, and the building scene leaned on our love of Good Will Hunting. “Your girl here is wicked smart.” 

It was important that everything seemed as though it could happen at any school, anywhere, on any given day. 

“It was never a thought to make ThinkUp! seem as though it was a product not available to all schools or students. The decision to take out extras, to make the fantasy worlds so whimsical and charming by using animation and theatre-like practicals for production design, to put the focus on the students and teacher rather than just the product itself… all of those decisions were made intentionally so as to have teachers see themselves in our teacher. To have them see their students in the students on screen. The entire concept was to display ThinkUp! as the extra step, the extra tool in the tool box that could turn any school room into a stage for critical thinking.” 

– Wilson Lemieux, Director/Executive Producer. 

We wanted the teacher to be warm and approachable.

In the weeks leading up to production, it was important to both the client and us that our instructor come across as a young, hip Ms. Frizzle. Tapping into the nostalgia of Mentoring Minds’ audience as well as showing someone who was relatable was paramount to the success of the project. Enter Venessa Pierre Pierre, an up-and-coming star who is undoubtedly destined for greatness. 

The kids had to be kids.

That sounds silly at first glance but finding child actors who are well trained and can still provide an authentic performance is no easy task. Emori Raja and Sophie Proctor were the perfect fit for the project. They showed up ready to roll every morning and were able to pivot when needed. 

This entire brand film and supporting campaign was shot over the course of three days at a private school in Tyler, Texas around mid-November. School had not let out yet, either, so it was crucial to plan around and not to interrupt students learning on a day to day basis that week.  It took precise planning and tons of communication back and forth with location to make it all happen.

It is important to note as we wrap this lengthy blog up that none of this is possible without great people and great culture. Mentoring Minds has a long track record of being incredibly fun to work with and for, so we knew that would be a given. What was the most exciting about this shoot, given its baked in difficulties and long hours, was how much fun the crew had together. That’s something we take great pride in. Creating a great deliverable is one thing, but having fun doing it in stressful conditions for close to 36 hours? That’s a challenge in its own right.

[Lemieux Company] was an incredibly talented and experienced crew for this project. Despite the long hours and logistical challenges that came with filming during school hours, it was an absolute joy to work with every single member of the team. My team at Mentoring Minds learned a great deal just from being on set and watching them work. The creative energy on set was palpable. 

–Jennifer Hoitsma, 

All of that to present ThinkUp! Our most ambitious project to date. We’ve been sitting on it since January and it’s so great to see it out in the wild. The relationship we’ve had with Mentoring Minds over the years has been one we’re very proud of, so to take the next step in the evolution of our company with our friends in Tyler, Texas has been a gigantic opportunity that we were happy to be stewards of. 

When I saw the rough cuts of the videos, I was astounded. And when I saw the final outcome? It exceeded my expectations.

– Jennifer Hoitsma

Take a look at the BTS photos and video while you’re here! 

Want to turn a hallway into a jungle or a science lab into outer space? 


Okay that’s fine, there are plenty of other things we’re happy to tackle with you. Drop us a line through our contact form or give me, Wilson Lemieux, a call at 806-502-8383. We’re dying to do something fun like this again.  



Bivins Pointe: “Remember” BTS Write Up

February 3, 2019

We’re prepping for growth in 2019. We’re building relationships, looking at new ways to tell stories, and still staying true to our commitment to not just building better content, but pushing ourselves to continually raise the bar of what “better” means to Lemieux Company.

Int: Matthew Rojas. The latest director on our roster.

Matthew is a true master of motion and if anything at all, the purest form of storyteller.

When Bivins Pointe approached Lemieux Company about their brand film and Super Bowl commercial, I reached out to Matthew, knowing that if I wanted anyone to represent the LC brand on a project like this, it would be him.

In meeting with the client, it was clear that Becky Davis didn’t want Bivins Pointe to be represented as another “Nursing Home” or “Assisted Living.” Bivins Pointe was/is different from that. There’s a commitment to respect and service to their clientele that’s just not present in other facilities of the like.

We needed a story that would bring life to their motto: “Living Up to the Greatest Standard: Yours.” And my oh my did Matthew knock it out of the park. Take a look at the :30 second version of the film and our brief Q&A with the director himself.

Q: What was your thought process in writing this piece? This is pretty unconventional when it comes to nursing home ads.

Matthew: Moving your loved ones into a nursing homes can often be perceived as a very challenging time for a family. In partnership with the client, we decided that we should flip that idea on its head and show how the transition to Bivins Pointe is not something to fear, but a meaningful and celebratory change from one stage of life to the next. By providing the audience with a positive experience, we created a piece that evokes comfort and encouragement for families making the decision to place their elders in Bivins Pointe. 

Q: What films or other visual works did you draw from for inspiration?

Matthew: The cinematography was inspired by the work of Wally Pfister (DP). As far as directors I watched a lot of Alexander Payne’s work to see how he conveys emotion, and a music video by Rian Johnson. Since this style of project was new to me, I also watched a lot of commercials and other brand films to feel out how pacing should work. 

Q: There are certain pieces from the brand film that are purposefully left out of the :30 second ad. Outside of the obvious confines of time, why did we make those decisions?

Matthew: Narrowing down the piece to 30 seconds was definitely the most challenging part of the project for me. As I went through the footage, I was so incredibly pleased with the vast amount of high quality shots that Brandon Zebell and I captured. Everything I looked at I loved… What great problem to have. This also challenges you as a Director/Editor. I was deeply connected to every image and had to take a step back to remember that my job as a Director wasn’t just to create pretty images, but also tell the story. This meant that sometimes I had to cut shots that I highly favored in order to keep pacing on track. 

Overall, I just kept coming back to the script and the message we had decided to tell. Every shot I chose had to keep the story moving forward. In the end, we decided the 30 second story would push viewers to get a deeper connection to the brand through the longer form piece. The two pieces compliment one another.

Q: What was the brief of this project? How did you set the guidelines for the story?

Matthew: When Bivins Pointe came to Lemieux Company they wanted to showcase their facility’s offerings in both long term care and rehabilitation. We knew that we wanted the story to be tied together by an easily recognizable object. I chose the guitar. 

The restoration of the guitar mimics the restoration that is occurring in the Father. Just as something that appeared dusty, forgotten, and old was brought back to life, in the same way this mirrors the process that the Father is in. 

Just because something is old, doesn’t mean that its ready to be thrown away. It can continue on and become even better than it was before.

Q: We had a stellar crew on set. Can you talk about them?

Matthew: All I have to say is that if you ever get a chance to work with Wilson Lemieux, (EP/Creative Director) Brandon Zebell (DP), Juan Romero (Gaffer),  Richard Porter (Key Grip) or Bella Barnett (Art Director) take it. 

Brandon Zebell (DP) worked with such excellence and delivered exactly what I asked. His dedication to the project and my vision allowed us to thrive as we partnered together to make this project a success. There’s nothing sweeter than Batman having a Robin. 

Bella Barnett (Art Director) literally brought everything to life. She is seriously one of the best in the business. 

Q: If you had to say one more thing to leave the reader with about this ad, what would it be? Any final thoughts?

Whoever the client is, just be sure that you over communicate and build trust. Watch what happens and no matter what just keep making plays.

Lastly, whether you deliver the best project of your life or fail miserably. Remember, your work is not your identity. Your identity can only be found in Jesus Christ #yesandamen

Check out the full gallery from the Bivins Pointe Shoot Below:

“Saving is Cool Again.” BTS Write Up

February 3, 2019

There are ways that big national banks advertise, and then there’s how Amarillo National Bank does it.

What I mean by that is Amarillo National Bank isn’t afraid to take their ads to the next level. Their messaging strategy isn’t to “play it safe.” It’s not “What’s generic?” It’s more along the lines of “How can we give the people of Amarillo the best show in :30 seconds.” And we can dig that. ANB’s commitment to doing what’s most enjoyable and best for their customers is something we’ve modeled our company after.

Make no mistake. ANB is big. They’re just local. In fact, ANB is the largest privately owned financial institution in the country. And with that size and stature comes a commitment to Amarillo. A commitment to the right thing, not the most profitable thing. And hence the reason we landed on “Saving is Cool Again.” for their Ad Bowl campaign.

ANB doesn’t answer to shareholders. Because of that, we’re able to work in tandem with their in-house agency, led by the one and only Tawn Burress, and be very nimble in our decision making. What aired at the Super Bowl was just one of three ads we worked on in a week.

The nature of our relationship, their commitment to getting-shit-done-well and in a hurry coupled with a joint and intimate knowledge of the brand between our team and theirs, afforded us the ability to create 3 ads, in 3 days, to choose from.

What we love so much about ANB is that they like to make fun of themselves. So there’s always a through-line of quirk, whimsy, and a truck-load (pun intended) of fun.

When we were approached about the spots back in December, the “Saving is Cool.” concept kept rising to the top. The idea of a super sexy model in a truck, coupled with the quirk, random entry, and long seen, tried and true ANB Guy was fun. It lent itself to really cool visuals. Most importantly? It doesn’t feel like a bank ad. Until the end. When we needed a punchline and a call to action. It’s definitely not generic. And that’s good, because ANB isn’t a generic bank.

Visually we found a lot of inspiration from certain car ads, perfume and cologne commercials, and a few other fashion inspired films. We wanted it to look and feel like the viewer was seeing something that’s hyper produced, over the top, and super cool, that isn’t supposed to be made in Amarillo. Then BAM – it’s our classic ANB actor reminding the viewer that, well, saving can be cool, too.

There’s an even bigger picture here. While we are not a company that solely does business in Amarillo, this growing town is home. Our roots and beginnings are right here in West Texas. We belong to an ever growing, evolving, and strengthening creative community. The time and energy ANB has invested in us has been a cornerstone of our growth and they have done the same with several other creatives in town. It’s companies like this, that intentionally invest in young, creative talent, that drive change and culture in the most unlikely of places.

Who’da thought that Amarillo, a town that in the national eye is a quick drive through to a “greater” destination, could turn some heads and gain respect for some solid production? We did. Amarillo National did, too. So yeah, saving is cool again. But Amarillo always has been. And a big part of that is because of our friends at Amarillo National Bank. Amarillo before Bank.

Check out all the photos from this great Super Bowl Shoot!

“The Same Kids” Write Up

September 26, 2018

(Just a heads up. This is long. But that’s okay. There’s a lot to unpack on this project.)

Kids Can Change the World When They’re Full.

That’s been the battle cry from our friends at Snack Pak 4 Kids for as long as we’ve known them. I can remember the first meeting I ever had with Dyron Howell, founder of SP4K. There was a passion there, an authentic one, that you don’t always see from leaders of non-profits. His program has worked diligently over the last eight years to provide quality, nutritious food to food insecure children across the Texas Panhandle and beyond.

Not junk. Not left overs. Real food.

This not-so-little organization impacts more than 22,000 students across Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Washington. And the one thing that Dyron made quite clear not only through his words, but his actions was this:

“Kids deserve the best.”

Not just the kids that get dropped off at school in Range Rovers and BMW’s. Not just kids who’s parents have good jobs. Not just rich kids. Not just middle class kids. Every kid deserves the best.

I have been inspired since that very day to bring the very best we could to the table so Lemieux Company could aid in that mission of giving children what they deserve.

In this case, it was a project with the best crew and the best gear we could find. The best part of this whole project, though, was the willingness of so many, in and out of our little bubble, to contribute to help bring this story to life.

Folks from five different states and eight different cities hopped on board to help make this happen.

Big thanks to JP Summers and Kyle Pallansch for helping us out with gear.

The Concept Behind “The Same Kids.”

Going back to the first time I’d met with Dryon, he’d shown me letters upon letters from kids that have benefited from the program. There were also several letters from teachers who’d personally seen the children benefit from the program.

We wanted to showcase the real life happenings of these children on both sides of the coin. We also didn’t want this to be just any other “non-profit” video.

We wanted these kids to be the heroes, not the victims.

It’s important to note that the vast majority of kids that go through the SP4K program aren’t there to take their food and then be done with it. On the contrary, so many kids are feeding their families, SAVING food that they need so that they can contribute back to the program, their grades are improving, they’re more present in the classroom. The list of good that these kids are doing from their boost in protein and other vital nutrients as a result of this program is lengthy.

These kids deserved a project that represented their truth. That truth is that they’re amazing.

The children in the production were not actual students in the program. They were actors. Every character and scenario in this piece, whether the scene was “happy” or “sad” is based on a real child who’s story has either been told to SP4K by a teacher or has been written in themselves.

Making “The Same Kids.”

We were given roughly two weeks to prepare for this project. One of those weeks was already covered up by pre-booked work. The script, the treatment, the calls to outside crew, the music, the cast, were all essentially nailed down the week before production started.

A lot of the credit for the actors being cast, the food on set, and the overall schedule of the project pre-shoot goes to Ashley York at SP4K. She was very helpful in gathering talent through the connections fostered through that organization.

The Crew

Client: Snack Pak 4 Kids

Producers: Ashley York, Jordan Hansen

Writer/Director/Editor: Wilson Lemieux

Director of Photography: Jared Hogan

Assistant Camera: Blake Cartrite

Gaffer: Gunnar Widowski

Custom Score: Brad Nyght 

Colorist: Jacob McKee

Production Assistants: Josh Bradley, Roman Gray, Chase Brady, Frank Navarrete,


Take a look at the photos from set for a further look behind the scenes!



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