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Most of you know us for our cinematic video imagery and crafted brand storytelling. But we’re about much more than just pretty pictures. Don’t get us wrong, we obsess over every dolly move and sun flare, but the videos are not an end to themselves. They’re part of an overall marketing approach to attract, engage, and convert. Not sure what video works best for your company or organization? Read on.

Photo by Cory Hale, Courtesy of Circles Company 777 Inc. Lemieux Company interviews Ashley Axios, former Creative Director, White House.


There’s a big difference between people that can make videos, and a company that understands a return on investment. The fact is, unless your goal is just the applause of close friends at an independent film festival, you want legitimate ROI results from your video. The best way to make sure that happens, is to build your video goals off of your marketing objectives.

To do that, we return to the tried and true marketing funnel. Is your company at the top of the funnel and needing to generate attention and awareness? Maybe you’ve been around for a while and your goal is to elicit consideration and engagement. Or perhaps you’ve achieved brand nirvana as a top-of-mind provider and are looking to develop loyalty from your consumer base. Wherever you are in the funnel, there’s a video product that can accelerate your marketing game.



As Simon Sinek put it in his inspirational TED talk, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Brand films are a great way to share your core values and mission with your audience. The process of capturing your band story in video has the secondary effect of reminding your organization who they are and why they get up every morning. Here’s a piece we created for our friends at Circles Co. Founders of creative getaway, Designer Trek, the company hired us to recap their adventure in Lake Tahoe in June of 2016. Take a look.


Consumers and B2B entities at the top of your marketing funnel are actively searching for information. Educational videos position your brand as a trusted thought leader and increase likelihood for continued engagement. Such videos are also a great way to utilize search engine optimization and connect with prospects during their online search phase. Here’s a project we recently created for our friends at Micro Technologies.


Video documentaries or short films are a new, but fast-growing way that brands are telling their story in an emotionally powerful way. Such videos build brand equity and goodwill. If done well, they also enjoy and pass-along and viral extended life. Like this piece we did for the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation. The AEDC tasked us with an ongoing documentary series about one of Amarillo’s finest new entrepreneurs. Check this out for an example of brand building documentary content.


When it comes time to introduce your product or service, explainer videos are short simple ways to provide a problem/solution scenario. Say you’re a bank which has started offering mobile check deposits. A brief video or animation showing the benefits and simplicity of this service increases adoption and moves your audience into the next phase of the marketing funnel. Take a look.

But we all like a cliffhanger, right? So hang on to your marketing hats and we’ll pick up with the videos that work best for the middle of the marketing funnel next week.

In the meantime, start paying attention to the videos that you find yourself clicking on, searching out, or returning to watch a second time. These are the types of videos that we specialize in. Videos that start conversations. Stories that inspire passion. Content that turns a faceless brand into a trusted friend.

Time-honored craftmanship is part of the Lemieux DNA. It’s what makes us work a little harder and a little longer. It’s what helps us transform the mundane into the memorable through a full range of video marketing tools, including:

  • Commercial production
  • Promotional films
  • Educational & training videos
  • Sales & marketing tools

If it’s time to start building out your marketing funnel with high quality video content, give us a call (806.502.8383) or shoot us an email (

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