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Please say we’re not the only ones who hear the 80’s REM song playing in the background right about now. If you’re not familiar with the song it’s a rapid delivery of stream-of-conscious references which apparently contribute to the end of the world, but as the lyrics affirm, “And I feel fine.”

Fast-forward to 2016 and we’re again hearing harbingers of the end times. This time around it’s the end of the traditional advertising world that industry prophets are lamenting. But don’t worry. You can feel fine no matter what the marketing future holds. Read on for some key ways to stay ahead of the content curve and navigate the new world of video marketing.

Last week we laid out just some of the reasons why advertising and marketing are undergoing some of the the most dramatic transformations in modern times. One of the biggest changes? The need for quality video content. Consumers are no longer content to merely read about your product or services. They want to experience the brand. And no other medium provides experiential content better than video.


Not all that long ago, video content belonged primarily to the big companies with deep pockets and big television budgets. The advent of digital content, however, has leveled the playing field and given businesses of all sizes a piece of the action. American Express’ Open Forum goes as far as to say that to remain competitive, there is not a single type of business that shouldn’t be harnessing the power of video content.


There are plenty of reasons why communication and marketing experts are falling in love with video. Take a gander at this snazzy infographic from our friends at Hubspot. From user interaction to conversion rates to actual consumer spend, every marketing metric is accelerated when high quality video is introduced.


Let’s face it. Marketing efforts cost money. According to a recent Ad Age article, agency, production and research costs make up around 40% of advertising budgets and 20% of overall marketing budgets. And, despite widespread efforts by marketers to contain the ballooning costs, they’re continuing to increase.

So wait. My business needs video but the costs keep rising? What’s the take-away?


Glad you asked. Look at it like this. Whether you’re buying produce, furniture, or video content, going straight to the source saves money. When you work directly with a video content specialist there’s no chain of command to work through or voicemail labyrinth to navigate. There’s no big overhead to inflate the budget or clunky protocol to slow the process. Working directly with a content creator dramatically enhances the bottom line and improves your ROI.


There are a lot of thing that might surprise you inside the digs of Lemeiux Company. Like the vintage printing press that sits in the corner or the building owner’s array of classic motorcycles. We don’t have a huge space, we’re not wasting money on beer carts or ping pong tables. It’s three flags, a long table, some white walls, and a whole lot of sh*t getting done.

That might not be your average office decor. But then we’ve never claimed to be average. These items remind us of our commitment to the things that last. Things that are built well and stand for something more than the sum of their parts.

We ain’t spending much time on dressing up, but we’re pretty sure we’re on the same page when it comes to what we value: hard work, craftsmanship and exceptional value for your dollar.

We work like you work. With attention to detail. Attention to the bottom line. And attention to results. It’s what helps us transform the mundane into the memorable through a full range of video marketing tools, including:

  • Commercial production
  • Promotional films
  • Educational & training videos
  • Sales & marketing tools

Curious about the difference that working direct can make for your business? Or just want to try out our couch?

Give us a call (806.502.8383) or shoot us an email (

Let’s work smarter and build something better.


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