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Sometimes, clients just tell you to “Cut loose.” That’s the kind of relationship we have with Lokey’s Body Shop, a locally owned and family operated auto-body shop in Amarillo, TX. Their trust in us as well as our understanding of their target market and DMA really helped to allow this project to thrive.

“Fierce and Forceful” is what you get when you take the wild elements of the Texas Panhandle, the drive and work ethic of Lokey’s Body Shop, and give award-winning Director, Matthew Rojas, a blank canvas.

How much do you think about a body shop until you have to go to one? Maybe not a ton, but once you need something, the only thing you care about is that it gets done and get’s done well, on time, and within budget. That’s what Lokey’s Body Shop brings to the table; The work ethic, the know-how, and of course, the same built-for-anything mentality that Amarillo is so accustomed to.

Read the Q & A with Director, Matthew Rojas below and browse the BTS Photos! And if you need work? Just shoot us a contact form! We’d love to work with you!

Q: What was your inspiration behind the creative on this piece? Why did you go in this particular direction with this commercial? 

MR: Up to this point I was making commercials that were more narrative driven stories, which is fun and challenging, but this time I wanted to make a Ad. There’s a difference between a commercial and an ad, a commercials sells a product but an ad sells an emotion, a feeling, an experience in and of itself.

This meant creating something that was fast, lean, mean and sexy. (Visually speaking)

As a student of Fincher, Glazer and R. Scott I wanted to add a mixture of texture using earthly elements and mix in some VFX to add to the kinetic energy of the piece.

Q: We take pride in doing great work for clients that might not necessarily be the biggest named brands. As someone who’s worked for national brands and local ones alike, what are your thoughts on being able to do national looking work in a place like Amarillo? 

MR: Regional Brands, National Brands. At the end of the day, good work is good work. My perspective is no matter how big or smaller the project is I’m going to do my absolute best to create something I’m proud of and that the client is happy with. 

I believe that if you’re a good steward over the little projects, when it’s time to do the big spots, you will be more prepared and set up for success. I often refer to the scripture Matthew 25:23

Q: Could you speak to your creative process? What all does it take to pull off a project like “Fierce and Forceful?

MR:  With the success last year’s commercial spot (with the same client) and the support of Lemieux Company, the sky was the limit as far as concept goes. 

We had less than 2 production days to get this thing done. So over planning and over communicating with my team was key. Everything had to have intention and it started with the script.

From there I created a very detailed shot list. The shots derived from the edit that I already created in my head.  I am definitely a director that shoots for the edit. Anything else that we get outside of the shot list is icing on the cake.

A great crew is also absolutely crucial to the success of any project. Working with John Carrington as the Director of Photography, the Speed Patrol team for our car footage, and the rest of the team made it very easy to show up, turn the camera on each day and just get some amazing footage.

Need work done? We’d be happy to oblige! Giant brand or local mom-and-pop shot, we’re equipped to do it all! Fill out the contact for or shoot us a note, we’d love a shot at your next video!

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