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In the 21st century, businesses continually struggle to make online customers engage with their message. Don’t fret, we have good news. There’s one method that works better than others, when it comes to holding users’ attention: video.

Three out of four surveyed marketers say they get a higher return on investment from video marketing than from any other strategy. In fact, researchers have found that users spend 88% more time on a website when they encounter video. And video increases email click-through rates by 200-300%.

But you can’t just pop any video onto your company’s website or Facebook feed. There are methods that work, and methods that don’t.

Put simply, there are rules. That’s where we come in.

Three Key Elements of Effective Video Marketing

1. Consistency

Every manager knows that without a consistent brand, you’re sunk. Yet many businesses fill their social media feeds with all kinds of junk, throwing anything and everything against the wall hoping to capture the attention of clients. What they end up with, instead, is a bunch of noise.]

Consistency is the fix.

Your social-media page is no place to forget the importance of presenting a clean, elegant, and consistent atmosphere to the world. That’s why Lemieux Co. works tirelessly to ensure the videos we produce for our clients are polished, eye-catching, and—most importantly—that they hold true to the company’s message and maintain a vision.

2. Quality

Users perceive much more value in video than they do in simple images and text. When a potential client sees you company’s elegant video, they’ll subconsciously want to be associated with you.

But any ol’ video won’t do the trick. Production values matter in ways big and small. A shoddy short film recorded on your iPhone could actually hurt you. And no one wants that.

Every element in a video should be well thought out, planned to the smallest detail. That’s what a client wants when they hire you or purchase something from you, so that’s what they’ll want to see in your video marketing. At Lemieux, we consider every painstaking detail, to make sure the final video feels like an effortless and potent presentation of the intended message.

3. Mood

All good marketing is ultimately based in emotion—and video has the ability, more than any other medium, to make you laugh or cry. Text is fine, and images can be dandy, but when you can make those images move and have that text be spoken, you’re more likely to grab users by the heartstrings and pull them to your site.

So, that’s basically it. Except, of course, that’s not it at all—there’s so much more to it. But here’s the good news. We know all that stuff. And it’s our job to worry about making sure your video marketing is deadly effective, so you can get back to focusing on what you do best: running your business.

“From day 1, Lemieux Co. has been interested in telling our story and understanding our brand, not just cranking out any old video. [They are] always down to get into the weeds with us to understand who we are and exactly what we’re trying to do. They always deliver. L. Co gets us, and have helped us create consistency in our visual language across web, social media, and live events. It’s almost too good to be true!”—Karen McClellan – Content Marketing Strategist, Mentoring Minds

Give us a shout (806.502.8383) or shoot us an email ( It’s time to start using the magic of video to drive your profits upward.

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Written by: Jonathan Aaron Baker

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