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Last week we looked at the type of videos that work well at the top of the marketing funnel; the stage where you’re trying to create interest and awareness. But what about the middle of the funnel? Read on to discover innovative ways to use video to increase audience engagement.


Let’s think of your marketing plan like a three course meal. The first course often includes a salad or appetizers. Its job is to get people intrigued, interested, and salivating, if you will, for the main dish. In our tasty metaphor, the second course includes the main entree, a satisfying, stick-to-your-ribs type of dish. Likewise, the second phase, or middle of the marketing funnel, should provide your audience with meaty content that sticks to their consumer memory and leaves them asking for more.


The middle of the marketing funnel seeks to increase engagement and creative video content as a great way to get your consumers returning for seconds.


Most companies have spent time and money developing valuable email lists, but many don’t capitalize on the opportunity that such direct access to their potential consumers can have. Adding video to your emails has been shown to increase click-through rates by 300% and reduce unsubscribe rates by 75%. A video like this one, for example, can easily be added to an email to boost awareness for an event, announce a promotion, or so much more. Back in July, we threw a party, used this video in an emailer and brought in 40% more attendees than directed content on Facebook.


Video has been proven to grab our attention and keep us engaged better than any other medium. Showing, as opposed to telling, is of course what video does best. That’s why high-quality product or service videos differentiate your brand and increase engagement. A fact that is even more important when your product embodies colors and textures, as in this video for The Workboot. This video, in fact, garnered attention for our client from huge brands like Thorogood Boots and Carhart themselves.


You can tout the benefits of your business or organization all day, but it will never compare to the power of a case study or testimonial. Real people sharing their authentic experience is powerful business. So much so that the big dogs at Nielsen tell us that consumer recommendations are the most influential form of marketing available. Take a look at this video. We think you’ll agree. We know Circles Co. does. Just ask them about their jump in attendees for their conferences over the last year.


People want to buy products and use services from companies they like. In fact, a brand’s likeability is the most important factor when it comes to predicting if a consumer will move through the marketing funnel and actually engage with you. “About Us” sections on websites used to just provide company background. Now they’re being used to offer an inside look into the heart and soul of the company, like, ahem, this one does.

OK, so maybe that was a standard case of shameless self promotion, but we think it gets the point across. When there are so many companies that offer similar products and services, it is critical to know what sets you apart and to intentionally communicate that to your audience. That’s why we’re not shy when it comes to our name. Lemieux is French for “better” or “the best.” And that’s what we strive to bring to every client, large or small. We sweat the little stuff. Pay attention to the details. And take pride in crafting exceptional video content that connects with people and builds brands.

Time-honored craftmanship is part of the Lemieux DNA. It’s what makes us work a little harder and a little longer. It’s what helps us transform the mundane into the memorable through a full range of video marketing tools, including:

  • Commercial production
  • Promotional films
  • Educational & training videos
  • Sales & marketing tools

If it’s time to start moving your consumer through the marketing funnel, give us a call (806.502.8383) or shoot us an email (

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