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That’s the number of hours people watch video on Facebook everyday.

Our data shows there’s a 90% chance you’re here because of our Facebook ad. 

80% is the percentage increase marketers experience when they include a video on their landing page.

We’re talking engagement, site views, return visits. Wanna see our Google Analytics? 

4X the number of customers that would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

We’re more image people than number crunchers, but even we can get excited about the statistics that support the value of online video content. Consumers want it. It increases sales. So why isn’t everybody doing it?


How's this work?

Making a video can be intimidating. We get that. Creating multiple videos for online content can be expensive. We understand. That’s why we created an entirely new service called Video + Social. Here’s how it works.

We’ll work together to create a killer marketing video for, say, your annual meeting or a broadcast commercial. It’s a great piece. Everyone loves it. It probably wins a few awards along the way. So let’s keep that momentum going. With our Video + Social service, we’ll repurpose the original video into multiple pieces of online content AND (if you want us to) handle all of the social media management and analytics. One day we’ll post a still image from your video with your company’s mission statement. The next we’ll feature a 10-second clip of a powerful sound bite. You get the idea. One video. Multiple uses. Limitless opportunities. Oh, and one last number…


The amount of a markup you won’t be paying us. Most agencies add a 20% fee to services like video production. When you work directly with Lemieux Company, you cut out the middle-man, eliminate markup fees, and work directly with the folks who will produce your branded video.


From traditional commercial spots to training videos, promotional films, and full on video-centric social campaigns. We can do it all. Give us a shout and we'll hit the ground running.

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